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Harsh Realm

News update, January 15th 2000:

Rumor has it, that FX television network will broadcast Harsh Realm's first eight episodes in March, so that viewers get a second chance on the almost untried series.

News update, November 1st 1999:

Fox have announced that the series is immediately discontinued, after three episodes have aired. Previous information on the series will remain on this page for reference.

Harsh Realm is Chris Carter's new series. Its US premiere is set for Fall 1999. 

This page contains only basic information on the series. For full coverage, you can visit Harsh Realm Uncovered or The Harsh Realm VR Jumpstation.

The Official comic site can be found at: info on the pilot episode:

Chris Carter, the award-winning creator of The X-Files and Millennium, steps into a new arena with another innovative, ground-breaking television event - Harsh Realm. Based on the comic book series, Harsh Realm explores a highly-advanced virtual reality world - where anything is possible. After seeing the horrors of war in Sarajevo, Lt. Thomas Hobbes (Scott Bairstow) is finally ready to settle down with his fiance Sophie (Samantha Mathis).

But the military has one more assignment for Hobbes: test out the newest in military combat training - a top secret computer simulation known as Harsh Realm. Inside Harsh Realm, Hobbes immediately finds himself fighting for his life, forming an uneasy alliance with a virtual character, Mike Pinnochio (D.B. Sweeney). But as he pursues his mission - beating the highest scoring player, Omar Santiago (Terry O'Quinn) - Hobbes begins to realize that Harsh Realm is more than just a game. And what's worse: he's trapped inside this world, which is without rules and without mercy.

Update 99-06-30: According to The Detroit News Comic Book Continuum, the X-Files' Gillian Anderson and Millennium's Lance Henriksen will guest-star on the pilot episode of Chris Carter's new series Harsh Realm.

"Wizard: The Comics Magazine" (issue #89) article:

'X-Files' creator Chris Carter targets comic for next series

The truth is out. No, we're not talking about the whole conspiracy theory on "The X-Files." Nor do we mean the religious fanatics on "Millennium."  Uh uh.  What we're talking about is "Harsh Realms," creator Chris Carter's newest TV series.

Based on James D. Hudnall and Andrew Paquette's six-issue comic series from Harris Comics in 1991, "Harsh Realm" is a science-fiction-meets-fantasy story involving different worlds.

"In the far future, artificial pocket universes are created, by a computer, that are real, physical universes," explained Hudnall. "Harsh Realm is a universe based on a 'Dungeons and Dragons'-like setting, where magic exist as real, physical laws." The mini-series followed the investigation of detective Dexter Green, who enters into the Harsh Realm universe to find a missing boy. "Since the world of the future is so overpopulated," said Hudnall, "people go into these worlds and don't come back-either they stay or else something has happend to them. It's the job of Dexter Green to find out what happend to the boy."

Carter's company, Ten Thirteen Productions, has been given a 13-episode commitment by Fox Television and the series will debut on Fox's fall 1999 television schedule.  Production is scheduled to start in Febuary with Daniel Sackheim, a veteran director of X-Files," "ER" and "N.Y.P.D. Blue"  as well as producer of the "X-Files" movie, behind the lens.

With Carter busy writing the pilot and unavailable to comment on how he'll turn the comic's premise into an ongoing television series, Hudnall's left waiting for the outcome like the rest of us. "My guess is that he would move it a lot closer to the present and not place it as far into the future as the comic.  But [the concept] allows room for a lot of ideas so I'm sure he'll work it out.