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  • The X-Files first aired in the US in the autumn of 1993, on FOX TV network.

  • A year after, in the autumn of 1994, the series started to show in Greece, on ANTENNA TV, under the title "Unsolved Cases". It was scheduled for every Monday, after midnight, but because of other programs' delays, it usually started much later. The reviews it got were good, but ÁÍÔENNA did not push it enough, while its weird showing time and awfully lot commercial breaks made it practically impossible to watch. The show was inevidably discontinued...

  • After Antenna's failure, and for more than one year, no Greek TV channel showed any interest for the series, although it had already gained a huge audience all over the world.

  • On May, 1996, Star Channel bought the rights to the series and pushed it heavily with frequent treilers. It premiered on Monday, June 3rd, at 9pm. Star Channel showed all the episodes ÁÍÔENNA had already broadcast (Season 1), maintaining the American showing order. Season 1 was completed on November 11th, and Season 2 showed from November 25th 1996 through May 26th 1997. Season 3 broadcasts started on June 2nd, 1997 and ended on January 12th, 1998. In the following months, Star Channel were broadcasting older episodes. Season 4 premiered on September 28th, 1998, and ended on March 15th, 1999. Unfortunately, Star did not continue with Series 5 episodes on Monday March 22nd, 1999...

  • On March 2001, ANTENNA TV signed an exclusive deal with Fox to broadcast its programs, including The X-Files. From May 1st until mid-October 2001, seasons 1-4 were broadcast. Season 5 began on October 18th 2001, and ended December 16th 2001. Season 6 began on December 17th 2001 and ended on April 25th 2002. Season 7 began on April 26th 2002, and came to a pause for summer. It resumed on October 1st 2002 and finished on October 29th 2002. Season 8 began on October 31st 2002 and ended on April 10th 2003. ANTENNA TV have since started airing re-runs of old episodes, and they have hinted that Season 9 will air in October 2003.

  • The first three seasons were very popular in Greece, as most episodes ranked between the top five foreign shows, according to the TV ratings company AGB. Season 4 episodes weren't as popular.

  • Episode ratings on ANTENNA TV are satisfactory, given the almost-daily programming and the time episodes air.