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The X-Files to return for an 8th season!

From Hollywood Reporter
May 17th, 2000

The X-Files creator Chris Carter closed a deal late Monday with 20th Century Fox TV to return as executive producer of the Fox mainstay drama for one more season, sources said. As contract renewal and lawsuit settlement negotiations with star David Duchovny continue, Carter's renewal, which comes two days before Fox presents its fall 2000 schedule to advertisers in New York, seems to ensure that "The X-Files" will return for an eighth season this fall. Sources said Duchovny is negotiating for a big-bucks deal that would allow him to appear in six to nine episodes over the season. Co-star Gillian Anderson will return for a full season. Sources also said the production of the show is likely to return to Vancouver next season, after it was relocated to Los Angeles this year at Duchovny's request.

Robert Patrick selected as Scully's new partner

July 28th, 2000

Series creator and executive Producer Chris Carter made an announcement as to who his new lead was shortly before giving a preview of the season ahead at the television writers press function in Pasadena. (Fox Entertainment president Gail Berman officially announced the casting). Robert Patrick  of Terminator 2 fame has been signed to the role. The name of his new character is John Doggett, and he he will represent a "knee-jerk skeptic, and former NY police detective".

Patrick was one of four main contenders to read for  the lead on The X-Files last week. Industry watchers were ruling him out because he was bound to Paramount Television's pilot L.A. Sheriff's Homicide. On Wednesday he was released from that contract. If his role is successful and the ratings warrantt a ninth season, Patrick will be the new star. But that's only if David Duchovny doesn't say "I'll be back."

Carter said Patrick's character, will be the virtual mirror opposite of Duchovny's alien-hunting, conspiracy-loving Fox Mulder. Patrick will team up with Scully to help track down the abducted Agent Mulder. While neither Carter, Duchovny nor Anderson are signed to work on The X-Files past the 2000-01 season, Carter hinted that Patrick's arrival could help extend the series beyond its eighth season. "This is a great opportunity to go on,'' he said.

Fox said yesterday that "The X-Files'' will have its season premiere on November 5. Carter said the season will begin with a two-part story. Duchovny will appear in both parts, Carter said.